Last Minute Care & Nursing wins twice!

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Last Minute Care & Nursing Wins Again!

Lastminute Care & Nursing, an embodiment of dedication and innovation in healthcare recruitment, has been notably honoured with a 2023 Global Recognition Award. The firm’s profound journey from a self-funded startup to a nearly 10M turnover enterprise speaks volumes about its leadership and impactful strategies in the industry. Their contribution goes beyond numbers, providing over 1 million hours of care and facilitating employment for a commendable 3000 individuals across their 16 UK branches.

Empowering the Industry with Innovative Solutions

The award highlights the company’s innovative thrusts into elevating industry standards, evidenced by their initiation of The Guild of Quality Employment Agencies. This cost-free, self-developed association encourages organizations to embrace a code of conduct that underscores their commitment to quality towards customers and staff alike. Lastminute Care & Nursing also introduced a free-to-advertise job board platform, providing a space for employers across the UK to spotlight their vacancies without the associated financial burden, facilitating a reinvestment into elevating their operational standards and industry perception.

Profound Impact Through Exemplary Services

The cornerstone of Lastminute Care & Nursing lies in its flagship specialist support services, catering to individuals with complex needs. The company extends beyond staffing solutions, offering at-home services and dedicated care for individuals contending with various challenges, from Learning Disabilities and Mental Health issues to physical disabilities and Autism. Furthermore, they pave the way for entrepreneurs to carve their own success stories in the industry through their franchise opportunities, expanding their quality offerings UK-wide.

Championing Transparency and Quality in Healthcare

The unwavering allegiance to quality and operational transparency sets Lastminute Care & Nursing apart, bolstering its worthiness for a 2023 Global Recognition Award. The inception of their organization newsletter, which intertwines insights from service users, staff, and professionals, curates a unique narrative crafted through the experiences of those directly engaged with their service. This transparency, coupled with their meticulous sharing of feedback – both positive and adverse – promulgates a culture of continuous quality improvement and operational candour.

Final Words

The triumph of Lastminute Care & Nursing in the healthcare recruitment sector, underscored by their innovative, dedicated, and service-oriented approach, not only validates their methods and outcomes but also serves as an exemplar within the industry. The firm hasn’t simply solidified its position; it has acted as a catalyst for industry elevation through innovative, inclusive, and beneficial frameworks. Their 2023 Global Recognition Award serves as an affirmation of the strides taken but also illuminates a pathway for others in the sector to emulate, thereby enriching the quality, accessibility, and standards within the healthcare industry